Digital Consulting Services

SAC supports sports governing bodies mastering the digital challenges. Deep evaluations & experience of administrative procedures and corresponding digital risks in combination with recommendations for digital governance structures result in a feasible, custom fitted digital strategy, a sustainable transfer of knowledge and ultimately ensure your digital success

Sports-Admin.Com´s core principles:
Flexibility | Efficiency | Sustainability | Feasibility 

Digital Governance Framework

SAC´s academically distinguished and practice-approved "Digital Governance Framework" enables sports governing bodies
  • to meet the requirements of a fast moving digital world,
  • to make the best out of limited resources,
  • to combine democratic requirements and corporate benefits,
  • to enable sustainable success.

Digital Activity & Risk Assessment

Progressive digitalization can boost sports governing bodies but also threaten its integrity. SAC provides
  • analysis of digital activities in fields of administration & business operations, events, brand & pr,
  • comprehensive activity & stakeholder mapping,
  • assessment of digital chances & risks.

Digital Strategy Development

SAC supports the elaboration of fully customized digital strategies
  • basing on an activity map,
  • addressing the digital challenges,
  • offering feasible solutions,
  • ensuring flexibility & efficiency,
  • SCRUM compatible definition of milestones,
  • scrutiny & continous assessment interim results.

Lectures & workshops

SAC provides modular training & education programs to
  • increase the awareness for digital risks,
  • improve the competence for digital matters,
  • develop social media activities,
  • prevent your organization from imponderable risks.


Hamburg | Germany