Digital Management Services

SAC´s management & supervision services animate your digital strategy. Proved concepts enable sports governing bodies to smoothly slide between self delivered conduction and external assistance. Framed by well-conceived guidelines and operational plans your paid and volunteered staff is sustainably engaged, while a transfer of knowledge is guaranteed.

Sports-Admin.Com´s core principle:

Project Management Services

SAC´s diversified project management service portfolio merges agile project management ideas with the reality of customers.
  • digital requirement analysis,
  • continuous assessment & reporting
  • compilation of (sub-project) functional tender documents,
  • creation of product requirement documents & basic documentations,
  • coordination of stakeholders, partners & contractors,
  • budget management.

Digital Event Services

SAC´s digital event services provide feasible & sophisticated solutions to run sport events smoothly.
  • delivery of SAC´s software products
  • embedding third-party software into the digital landscape
  • hardware on-site facilities - WAN uplinks, LAN, WIFI ...
  • content creation & distribution
  • provider arrangements & volunteer trainings
  • emergency services & crisis management

Digital Communication Services

SAC´s digital communication services implement the cornerstones of digital communication and are instrumental in animating the digital communication strategy. SAC plans, delivers, operates and supervises
  • CRM & stakeholder databases,
  • websites & newsletter systems,
  • social media accounts.

Operational Plans & Guidelines

SAC provides a digital framework to guide paid and volunteers staff in their daily work. Basing on the vision & mission of sport governing bodies the operational plans & guidelines animate the digital strategy and ensure a sustainable transfer of knowledge.
  • Analysis of existing processes & workflows
  • Creation of operational plans
  • Creation of custom fitted guidelines
  • On-site introduction to ensure consistent implementation

Helpdesk & Maintenance Services

SAC´s helpdesk & maintenance services are offered on a regular basis or on demand via phone, mail and on-site.
  • Maintenance activities for all digital systems
  • Emergency services
  • Point of contact for new staff


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